How Do You Sign up for Medicaid Dental Coverage?


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In order to qualify for dental benefits provided by Medicaid, consumers must first apply for the program under their current state, explains Medicaid.gov. States choose whether or not to provide dental coverage to adults, but children enrolled in Medicaid do qualify for dental benefits.

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The federal government and states work in partnership to provide health care benefits to qualified individuals through the Medicaid program, explains the American Dental Association. Qualified individuals include low-income families who earn less than the median household income in their area. Through Medicaid, adults do receive coverage for emergency dental in some states but do not necessarily qualify for full dental coverage. Individual states decide whether or not to offer dental coverage for adults under Medicaid.

Individuals may use the HealthCare.gov website to see if they qualify for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs, known as CHIPS, explains HealthCare.gov. Some of the qualification requirements for dental coverage include whether or not states expanded their Medicaid programs and the state’s current Medicaid status. If individuals who apply through HealthCare.gov do qualify for Medicaid, the website informs the state agency to notify them of their next steps. If individuals do not qualify for Medicaid, HealthCare.gov screens them for private insurance qualification through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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