How Do You Sign up for an HMO Plan With TexanPlus?


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To sign up for an Health Maintenance Organization plan with TexanPlus, determine eligibility, choose the specific plan, talk to a representative about any questions, gather together the required information, choose a primary care physician and complete enrollment process online, by phone or by mail, as noted by Universal American. Universal American offers a TexanPlus plan for Dallas/Fort Worth and TexanPlus HMO, Point-of-Service and Special Needs plans for Houston/Beaumont.

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Most people can enroll in a TexanPlus HMO plan during one of three enrollment periods: initial coverage election, annual election and special enrollment. The annual election period typically occurs between October 15 and December 7, while the initial coverage election period starts three months before and ends three months after a person's 65th birthday, states Universal American. Those who wish to enroll in TexanPlus HMO outside these periods may be eligible to do so during the special enrollment period.

To enroll in the plan online, go to the Universal American website and click on Ready to Enroll. Customers must include their social security information when enrolling in TexanPlus HMO. If applicable, they must also include information about any Medicare and other health care insurance plans in which they belong, notes Universal American. They should include a checking account and routing number on their application if they want their premium deducted automatically.

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