How Do You Sign up for a Global Cash Credit Card?


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Individuals can sign up for a Global Cash Card, which is not a credit card but a prepaid debit card, by contacting their employers and filling out the necessary form to have their pay deposited to the card, suggests The Arnold Group. Getting this card requires that the employer participates in the program, and there may be fees with use. Some of its benefits include convenience, instant access of funds when they are paid and no fees to cash checks.

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Companies offering the program usually have a direct deposit and pay card authorization form employees can fill out online or fill out by hand and return to the company. This form may require information such as the employee's name, address, birth date, Social Security number, payment option (such as only depositing part of the paycheck to the card) and phone number. A signature is also necessary for the employer to enroll the employee in the Global Cash Card program.

The employer usually gives the Global Cash Card to the employee in person once it arrives, and then the employee needs to go to the Global Cash Card website or call the company to activate the card for use. The card is loaded with funds according to the employer's paycheck schedule, and the employee can use the card to buy things, withdraw money from an ATM or pay bills online, mentions GlobalCashCard.com.

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