How Do You Sign up for Empire Blue Cross Medicare Plans?


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To sign up for Empire's Medicare Advantage Plans, visit the Empire Blue's website, fill out the relevant information to get a quote, and select the Medicare plan that best fits your needs. There are three categories of health plans to choose from: Medicare Advantage HMOs, PPOs and Special Needs Plans, according to Empire Blue.

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Private companies offer these Medicare Advantage Plans in partnership with the federal government, states Empire Blue. Medicare Advantage Plans fall under the Medicare Part C umbrella, and most plans include Medicare Part D (prescription drugs) coverage.

Medicare Advantage HMOs allow people to use doctors and hospitals within the health maintenance organization's network, notes Empire Blue. Medicare Advantage PPOs offer the ability to see any doctor and still receive insurance coverage. However, doctors and hospitals that are “preferred providers” come with co-payment discounts. Medicare Special Needs Plans are ideal for people suffering from chronic health issues, such as liver disease, diabetes, dementia or heart disease.

Enter your ZIP code, county and the date coverage begins on the Empire Blue website to get financial information on available Medicare Advantage Plans. There are two options: viewing available plans or getting assistance in choosing the best option, per Empire Blue. Call the company's customer service number if you need further help in buying a Medicare Advantage Plan.

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