How Do You Sign up for Direct Deposit to Your Achieve Prepaid Debit Card?

Sign up for direct deposit of a paycheck to your AchieveCard prepaid debit card by filling out the online direct deposit form on and printing it out. Give the form to the accounting or payroll department for your company to prove authorization of electronic funds transfer onto the card.

AchieveCard offers a debit card without requiring any kind of financial or credit check or the need to open a checking account. Instead, the company maintains its own system for storing funds and allocating them to your card, either through direct cash deposits or online transactions. As such, this system also allows you to receive a direct deposit of your paychecks onto the card by filling out a form that includes your name, account number and authorize the action. The company walks you through the process of filling out the form through the site, then provides you with the completed form to sign and give to your company's payroll department.

Direct deposit removes the need to deposit the check at a bank, or in the case of a prepaid debit card to redeem the check for cash and apply it to the card. The form includes the appropriate routing and account information so that your company is able to electronically transfer the funds from its banking account into AchieveCard's account, from which it transfers the money to the card.