How Do You Sign up for Free Coupons From L&M Cigarettes?

To receive free coupons for L&M cigarettes, register an account for free on the L&M website. After verifying your contact information and age, you can access L&M cigarette coupons.

Before you can access any coupons on the homepage, you must first log into the site with your username and password. If this is your first time visiting the website, register by clicking the Sign Up icon at the bottom of the page. Next, enter your full name, date of birth and mailing address in the respective fields. Confirm your identity by answering several multiple choice questions relating to your former addresses and telephone numbers. After successfully answering these questions, you can choose a username and password.

After logging in with your chosen username and password, you are taken to a member page. Click on the Offers & More icon to the right of the page, and scroll down to Offers. As of September 2015, there are two coupons available on a $1 Off a Pack coupon and $3 Off a Carton coupon. Select the coupons you want to use, and confirm your mailing address. Wait to receive your free L&M coupons in the mail within five to seven business days.