How Do You Sign up for Cigna Dental Plan Coverage?

Interested individuals can get a quote for Cigna's dental plan coverage by clicking the Apply Online Now link on the Cigna official website. Individuals are then prompted to enter their personal details, and suitable plans are offered from which to choose, explains Cigna.

When a user clicks on the Apply Online Now link on the Cigna website, he is directed to an online form, which prompts the user to enter certain details, including home ZIP code, coverage start date, name and phone number, email ID, whether the user is currently insured, and whether he is looking for a child-only quote. The user is also required to enter the names, gender, dates of birth for self, spouse and children, and check boxes to specify if he is looking for medical plans, dental plans or both, notes Cigna.

Once the user has finished filling out the form, he needs to click Find Plans. Based on the information provided, suitable plans are presented in the next step. The user is then required to select a plan that best suits his needs and budget, according to Cigna.

In case the user needs help completing forms or any extra information, he can call Cigna at 1-855-340-9388 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, as of 2015, says Cigna.