How Do You Sign up for a Bank of Omaha Credit Card?

To sign up for a Bank of Omaha credit card, visit the Bank of Omaha credit card website, choose the desired card, click "Apply Now," fill in the required information and submit the application for review. Card options include a First National Bank American Express card, a Platinum Edition MasterCard and a First National Bank Discover card, according to

To apply for a Bank of Omaha credit card, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Bank of Omaha credit card website
  2. Type into a browser and press "Enter."

  3. Compare cards and choose a card for which to apply
  4. Review the benefits, terms and conditions for each of the available cards. Choose the one that best fits needed criteria and click on the green "Apply Now" button located below the image of the card.

  5. Select and submit state of residence
  6. As of 2015, Bank of Omaha credit cards are only available to residents of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas, notes Choose the state of residence and click "Submit."

  7. Fill out the requested information
  8. Enter personal information into the spaces provided. Required information includes name, address, Social Security number, employment information and bank account balances. Click "Confirm Information" when finished.

  9. Wait for results
  10. Applicants will either be approved or denied, or be requested to provide additional information. The application process typically only takes a few minutes to complete.