How Do You Sign up for the AARP Safe Driver Course?


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You can sign up for the AARP Smart Driver course by contacting the AARP by phone or registering on its website, AARPDriverSafety.org. An online course and a classroom course are available, notes the AARP. As of 2015, accepted payment methods for the course include check, money order and credit card.

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The AARP Smart Driver course gives adults of 50 years and older the opportunity to refresh their driving skills and improve their safety on the road without the need for written exams or driving tests. Some highlights of the course include how to keep an appropriate following distance, change lanes, make turns safely and reduce distractions while driving, states the AARP. In addition, the course reviews the effects that certain medications have on a person's ability to drive. Participants in the AARP Smart Driver course learn how to change their driving habits to compensate for the physical changes that occur during the aging process.

Taking the AARP Smart Driver course benefits participants by lowering their chances of getting a traffic ticket, being involved in an accident or being injured while driving. Some states also give an auto insurance discount to graduates of the course, according to the AARP. It's best to speak with an insurance agent regarding the details of insurance discounts.

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