How Do You Sign up for 1199 Health Insurance?


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The 1199 health insurance is available only to members of the 1199 Union and through participating employers such as hospitals as of 2015, notes 1199CFunds.com. Those looking to sign up for the insurance plan need to speak with their employer's human resources department.

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A 1199 health plan is usually a fund that is designated for use by employees to cover employee and family health expenses including health insurance premiums, states 1199CFunds.com. Both the employee and the employer may contribute to the fund.

Most employees sign up for their health benefits at the time of hiring, notes KFF.org. There is also an annual open enrollment period when employees can change their insurance or sign up for insurance if the employee declined insurance when first hired. Employees may also have a special enrollment opportunity that arises from a unique life-altering event such as having a child, getting married or getting divorced.

Employees should contact their employer's administrative offices or human resources department if they are interested in 1199 health benefits. If they are told that they are already enrolled in the plan or if members have further questions about the plan, they can contact their local chapter of the SEIU 1199 to get more information.

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