What Are Sick Leave Excuses?


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Sick leave excuses are lies or false reasons given to a superior so that a subordinate may utilize a given sick day (or group of sick days) to get paid for work while not attending. Many workplaces offer a limited number of sick days at the beginning of the year, and in some instances, employees either use them or they do not roll over to the following year.

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Some appropriate reasons for calling in sick might be that an employee has a contagious illness and does not want to infect his fellow staff, or that an employee's child is sick and needs attention and care. Other reasons include the need for resting after serious incidents, such as motor vehicle accidents or sporting injuries. Sometimes, however, an employee simply wishes to use a sick day for a reason not specified as appropriate by a superior. Thus, sick leave excuses are born. Some examples of ways that employees might obtain sick leave using excuses are things like telling their superior or superiors that they have a cold when they don't or telling them that something has gone wrong with their household or vehicle. An employee would be giving a false reason to obtain a sick day and thus using a sick leave excuse.

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