How Do You Find Your SIC Code?

Find your SIC code at using the Department of Labor's Standard Industrial Classification system search portal. Submit a descriptive word in the keyword field; the search returns all SIC codes that contain the keyword. Determine your SIC code by identifying the result most relevant to your business.

The U.S. government identifies businesses with SIC codes for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and presenting data on the economy. SIC codes are available for all economic activities. Industries are grouped by the supply and demand features resulting from the activities.

The SIC codes were replaced in 1997 by the North American Industry Classification System. Find your NAICS code at by submitting a descriptive keyword and selecting the most relevant code from the results. While similar to SIC codes, NAICS codes group industries by production processes and include more categories. In contrast to SIC codes, the federal government uses NAICS codes for administrative, regulatory and taxation purposes. An NAICS code is required for any business seeking government contracts. Additionally, NAICS codes are used for the North American Free Trade Agreement and are consistent with industrial classifications developed in Canada and Mexico as well as the United Nation's International Standard Classification System.

SIC codes do not directly transfer to NAICS codes. More than one code may apply to your business. Include the most relevant codes with any business data submitted to the government.