How Should I Write a Letter Asking Someone to Sponsor a Fashion Show?

To write a letter requesting sponsorship for a fashion show, start by explaining the value of the project. Include information about who benefits from the fashion show and how the show can benefit from funding. A sponsorship letter must also include information about how the funding is to be distributed. Explain which sources of funding provide for the products and services.

Next, provide a basic overview of the fashion show. Explain the order of events and possible venues. Also, list anyone who has already agreed to participate in or fund the event. The goal of a sponsorship letter is to get potential sponsors excited about the project, so the more detail about the event, the better the chances of securing funding. Another important element of a sponsorship letter is information about the requester's ability to organize a fashion show and make the event a success.

In addition to asking for money, briefly mention the need for people to help out during the event. If a recipient is unable to provide financial support, the sponsorship letter might result in the person volunteering his time.

To target the best sponsors, start by sending sponsorship letters to family members, friends and acquaintances who have a passion for fashion. Address the letter formally and write in a professional tone. Check the letter for spelling errors and accuracy before sending it out.