How Should You Write a Holiday Letter to Your Employees?

should-write-holiday-letter-employees Credit: Shannon Fagan/Stone/Getty Images

Many business leaders recognize the holiday season by sending a letter to employees. Whether to accompany a gift or bonus, announce a social event or simply close the year, letters may follow a typical structure and include specific elements.

  1. Start with a warm greeting

    Holiday letters are usually more personal than memos or other business documents, so a more personal tone is expected. This greeting may mention the holiday or provide a seasonal wish.

  2. Recognize the contributions of the group or of specific employees

    If gratitude is appropriate, the holidays are a good time to recognize and thank employees for their contributions to the company. Choose to note specific accomplishments or benchmarks, share organizational successes or call out goals for the year ahead.

  3. Provide details or an invitation to the company party or other celebration

    If the company is holding an event, the letter offers a good opportunity to remind employees of the celebration or to invite them if invitations have not been sent. Make sure to include the location, time and details, including who is invited.

  4. Mention a bonus briefly in the letter if it is appropriate

    If a bonus or gift is included with the letter, acknowledge it briefly. If a bonus or gift is being sent separately, also note that in the letter.

  5. Close with well wishes

    Close the letter with the same warmth and festivity used in the greeting.