How Should You Write a Goodbye Letter to Your Co-Workers?

To write a goodbye letter to your co-workers, maintain a positive and compassionate tone as you express your gratitude, announce your departure, and provide contact information. Use this opportunity to thank them for the good moments you shared.

  1. Start by addressing an individual or group

    Include the name of the individual or group in the salutation section of the letter. For example, “Dear Sherry” addresses an individual, and “Dear Team XYZ” is directed toward a certain group at the company.

  2. Express your gratitude

    Begin the first paragraph by expressing appreciation for your co-workers and the good moments you shared together. Briefly talk about your experience working with them, and thank them for every lesson you learned.

  3. Announce your departure

    Tell your co-workers about your plans to leave the company or organization. If you want, explain why you have decided to leave, but do not use this letter to revisit any differences you have had with your co-workers.

  4. Provide your contact information

    Give your co-workers your contact information if case they wish to call you at home or visit your new workplace, and encourage them to keep in touch. Conclude by thanking them once again for everything they did for you, and tell them that you had a great experience working with them.