What Should You Write in a Cover Letter?


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Cover letters provide specific information to showcase an applicant's qualifications or reasons for seeking employment. Qualifications and reasons may include personal or work-related experiences, relevant training continued education or the desire to advance by taking on increased work responsibilities and challenges.

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In addition to providing specific examples of experiences, training and education relevant to the position, cover letters also give hiring managers an idea of an applicant's personality, work habits and level of enthusiasm. While written in a professional tone, cover letters may include one or two funny details, a short but meaningful anecdote or an interesting fact about the applicant that relates to the position.

To write a cover letter, applicants should carefully research the hiring company and position to determine the best way to introduce the needed information in a cover letter. For example, the hiring manager for a small startup company may look for employees willing to work long hours with a team but still maintain a friendly attitude, while the hiring manager of an established company may look for employees with the ability to handle multiple projects with minimal supervision. In either case, applicants need to demonstrate their ability to meet these criteria by providing examples from their lives in an interesting way.

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