How Should You Word an Introduction Letter for a Resume?


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When writing an introductory letter for a resume, also known as a cover letter, highlight your qualifications, and tailor them to the criteria found in the job posting. Write a section of the letter about your skills and the positive results you have had in a similar position.

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Begin the letter with a short introduction including past jobs and education. Customize the cover letter to the position you apply for by creating a list of the criteria from the job posting in one column with another column matching your skills or experience to the appropriate criteria. In the letter, write these specifics into the included paragraphs. Conclude the letter with your contact information and a polite request for an interview.

The cover letter expands what is written in the resume and gives examples of your background as they relate to the open position. The letter is only a page long, with each paragraph containing three to four sentences. If possible, research the name of the person who receives the resumes, and address the letter to that person. Save the letter as a PDF for positions that request the resume be sent as an email attachment to maintain the letter's format.

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