What Should Women Wear to an Interview?


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A woman going to an interview should generally wear a business suit with professional pants or skirt, or black dress pants with a button-down shirt, blazer or sweater. Virginia Tech recommends that pants be creased, not flowing. Heels should be of moderate height and be closed-toed. A woman should be capable of walking comfortably and confidently in her shoes.

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Skirts or dresses instead of pants are usually acceptable, but they should cover a woman's thighs when sitting. A skirt or dress should cover a woman's knees when she is standing. Long skirts that are not billowing and that allow a woman to climb stairs much like pants are fine as well. Skirts or dresses should not need adjustment after a woman moves or sits.

Virginia Tech states that extremes in all categories should be avoided. For example, jewelry should be relatively muted and not overly large or expressive. The more creative the career field, however, the more leeway a woman has in this area.

Classic colors, such as black, gray, navy blue and brown, work well for interviews, as do solid colors and muted patterns. Stay away from scarves and showing cleavage. When wearing a suit jacket, a blouse or a sleeveless top works well underneath. A tote bag or briefcase completes the look and stores resume copies and other application materials.

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