What Should I Wear to a Modeling Agency Interview?

An aspiring model should wear body-conscious clothing, such as form-fitting jeans and a tank top, to a modeling agency interview. Agents like to see models as they are, with simple outfits, minimal makeup and natural hairstyles.

Models should bring a swimsuit to a modeling agency interview to change into upon request. This enables the agent to get accurate measurements. Models should also bring their portfolio to the interview along with a few informal snapshots. The agent may choose to take additional photographs of prospective models at the interview.

Models should develop a kit of essential items to take with them to auditions and photo shoots. A model should always have her portfolio with her, even if she already has the job. Makeup basics including foundation, a palette of eye shadows and lipstick should be included in the modeling kit.

Women should bring undergarments in both flesh tone and black. Underwear, socks, stockings, a variety of bras and a body suit should be in the model's bag as well. Models should always travel with a few different pairs of shoes, including a variety of flats and heels. Hair care items including gel, hairspray, headbands, pins and elastics may also come in handy.