What Should You Wear to an Interview?


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Dress clothes are still the best kind of clothes to wear to a job interview. This does not mean someone going to a job interview should wear a full suit, or shirt and tie, but nice clothes should be used in order to look as put together as possible.

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If the usual dress code at the place that is conducting the interview is casual clothing, it can be a bit of an overstatement if someone goes into the interview wearing a suit. When talking about what to wear, there are a couple of things to avoid. Scuffed or open-toed shoes are something that should be avoided at all costs. A collared shirt is never a bad idea, even if the interview is for a company that doesn't require its employees to wear them.

Long pants that are neatly pressed for men and longer skirts that come down to around the ankle for women are good choices. These clothes give off a more conservative approach to the person doing the interview. Long-sleeved shirts are a good choice for clothes to wear to an interview as well, even in the summer. The prospective employer wants to see you put your best foot put forward.

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