What Should I Study in Order to Pass the Red Cross Written Lifeguard Test?

Studying for the Red Cross written lifeguard test involves reviewing sample questions in the Red Cross textbook, memorizing vocabulary, understanding test-taking strategies and using refresher material provided by the Red Cross. According to the Red Cross, fewer than 50 percent of test-takers are able to pass the test one year after finishing their training.

Most Red Cross textbooks contain sample questions at the end of every chapter. Reviewing these helps prepare for the written lifeguard test. Anyone who doesn't understand the material in a sample question should consult with an instructor to clarify the subject matter before taking the test. In addition, many test questions focus on specific vocabulary. Memorizing definitions as well as steps to specific processes, such as CPR, is helpful on test day.

Developing a good test-taking strategy is a crucial element of preparing for the Red Cross written lifeguard test. Each question contains details that are key to answering the question correctly; for example, a response may differ based on whether the question refers to a child or an adult. Other questions may involve conditional situations, in which one thing is true only if something else is also true. Many people overthink their answers on the test and end up answering questions that weren't really asked.

The Red Cross Online Refresher Center provides games, learning activities, quizzes and videos to help lifeguards keep their skills up-to-date. This resource can help candidates study effectively for the written exam.