Should All Staff Bios for a Company Follow the Same Template?


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Deciding whether or not all staff biographies within a company should follow the same template depends on the preferences of the company members, though it does offer a uniform experience for anyone viewing the site. It also makes it easier for each employee to write her biography and avoid unnecessary wordiness.

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When a company decides to include staff biographies for its employees, it is often helpful to develop a template so that every entry matches the company image and brand. The template may include strict guidelines on word count, content to include, and tone, or it may only offer a loose structure to which each employee adds her own personality. The decision depends on the company's leadership and the available space on the site. In most cases, some set of rules for creating the biography ensures that customers or clients who visit the site are able to gain the same understanding for the personality and background of the employees.

However, many companies choose to forgo templates to allow each individual employee a greater degree of creative control. If a company takes this route, it may require additional edits and revisions for each biography to ensure compliance with the overall company brand as well as general grammatical rules. Many such biographies focus on the educational backgrounds of the employees, though some also include personal facts, lists of hobbies or humorous statements.

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