What Should Speaking Engagement Invitation Letters Include?


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The elements of a speaking engagement invitation letter should begin with the title and name of the addressee, followed with an introductory paragraph identifying the name of your organization, the objectives of your engagement and its scheduled time and date. Conclude by thanking the addressee and providing your contact information.

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In addition to including the core elements of an invitation letter, it is generally considered good form to offer a monetary stipend or honorarium to cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the person whom you are inviting to speak at your engagement.

You may go into further detail regarding the reasons that you believe this speaker would be an appropriate choice for the event, and why he or she appeals to you in particular. While it is imperative that the letter maintain a professional tone throughout, it may be advantageous to personalize it by briefly mentioning your organization's appreciation for the objectives that you and your intended speaker would happen to share. Finish your letter with a short paragraph that thanks the reader for his or her consideration, and encourage further correspondence by providing your phone number, email and other relevant addresses before finally signing your name and title below.

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