How Should Someone Write a Prospective Client Letter?

Someone who wants to write a prospective client letter should determine what their objective is, place themselves in the client's position and write a letter that is concise and conversational. When writing, aim to use short paragraphs and stick to using an active voice.

  1. Determine what the letter should say before writing it
  2. Before writing the letter, identify the sales pitch objective and consider what the customer wants to hear. When thinking about what the client wants, decide what their needs and desires are.
  3. Write out a letter plan
  4. Letters, like term papers, need plans to ensure they are well organized. The introduction should detail why the sender is writing the letter, the body is the sales pitch and the conclusion encourages the recipient to take action.
  5. Compose the letter in a format that is easy to read
  6. As readers scan letters before digesting the full content, it is important to make them easy to read. Do this by using a conversational tone, short paragraphs and short sentences. Make sure the letter contains interesting information that solves the reader's dilemmas and fulfills their desires.
  7. Create an actionable closing paragraph
  8. The prospective client letter's closing paragraph should contain a call to action. For example, if there is a service promotion available, state this, but make it clear that it is for a limited time only.