How Should Someone Write an Annual Performance Review and Goal Sample?

Someone writing an annual performance review and goal sample should focus on the employee's performance so far and how they wish to improve. Part of this process involves reviewing customer and managerial feedback, as well as past performance reviews.

  1. Produce documents to review
  2. Annual performance reviews review documents relating to the employee's performance, including customer feedback and information from the last review. When writing a sample, these documents can be used for examples of past and present performance.
  3. Review the employee's progress and obstacles they face
  4. The aim of a performance review is to see how an employee is progressing, while finding ways to remove obstacles to success. A sample review can also present problems and identify progress. In addition, this section may include action points for overcoming problems, such as further training.
  5. Set performance goals for the forthcoming year
  6. Performance reviews identify ways employees can improve for the year ahead. Using the information available, ways that the employee can enhance their performance and meet new goals should be outlined. This should include ways the manager can assist them in reaching their performance targets.

When setting goals during a performance review, employers should take the SMART approach: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound. People who are writing sample performance reviews should bear this in mind when completing their document.