What Should Someone Say in a Formal Letter of Retirement?


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A formal letter of requirement should include the date the retirement is effective and a sentence that clarifies that the individual plans to resign for retirement. A retirement letter should also include positive statements about the overall experience working for the company that show appreciation for the opportunity.

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A portion of a formal letter of retirement should address how the employee plans to help the company adjust to the impending absence. Employees can offer to help with a replacement's training or compile materials pertinent to the job and the job duties. The employee should make every effort to show that he is willing to help with the transition before retiring.

An employee who is willing to stay on part-time or as a contractor following the official retirement date should state his intentions and availability. It should not be assumed that the employer is willing to accept future work from the retiree, but a general offer is often appreciated.

The last paragraph of a formal letter of retirement should include positive regards related to individuals who have been co-workers during the retiree's time with the company. The retiree should express gratitude toward specific supervisors or colleagues who made the experience memorable, professional and productive.

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