How Should Someone Inquire About a Job Opening?


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When inquiring about a job opening the applicant can write a letter stating which job they are asking about, why they are interested in the job and which skills they could bring to it. In addition, the letter should close with a paragraph that sums up the contents and states that the candidate would like to discuss the opportunity with the employer .

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To inquire about a job opening with a letter:

  1. Open the letter detailing the job in question
  2. All letters of inquiry should open with details of the job the applicant is applying for. This statement should include how they found the job, and what makes them qualified to fill it.

  3. State why the job is interesting
  4. Candidates should state why they are interested in the job and the company that is offering it. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate how they are passionate about their field, and how much they know about the employer. While this paragraph should remain concise, it also needs to contain information regarding the candidate's experience and how it could help them fulfill the role.

  5. Close the letter of inquiry
  6. The letter of inquiry should close with a paragraph stating that the candidate would like to talk to the employer at an opportunity that is convenient for them. In addition, it should briefly summarize why they are interested and suitable.

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