How Should Someone Fill Out a Resume?


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Someone who wants to fill out a resume should ensure the content is brief, while using action words that attract the employer's attention. The resume should summarize the candidates qualifications, work experience, skills and career goals.

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  1. Begin the resume with contact details
  2. All resumes should contain contact details at the top. This includes the candidate's name, address, telephone number and email address.
  3. Add educational details
  4. Educational details should include the course name, study period, institute the candidate completed the course at, majors and minors and any achievements related to the qualification.
  5. List skills and qualities
  6. When listing skills and qualities, focus on those that are relevant to the job. Include those that are generic and can apply to most jobs too, like IT skills.
  7. Give a career objective overview
  8. Provide a short statement that details career goals. This should explain why the candidate is applying for the job.
  9. Provide an employment history
  10. Employment histories should include the candidate's role, where they worked and how long they worked there.
  11. Follow with voluntary work
  12. Candidates who volunteer should provide details of their voluntary work. This section is similar to employment history.
  13. Give details of professional development, achievements and memberships
  14. Professional development can include short courses, while achievements may include prizes and scholarships. If relevant, include details of organization memberships.
  15. List hobbies and interests
  16. Most resumes should last for two pages, maximum. If there is space, provide details of hobbies and interests.
  17. Include a references section
  18. Some candidates may wish to include references. This is optional.

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