What Should Someone Expect to Pay to Rent a One-Bedroom Apartment?


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As of April 2015, the average monthly cost of a one-bed apartment in the United States is $754.23 outside of city centers and $948.79 in them, according to Numbeo. This average does not reflect the realities of renting, though, as rent levels are heavily dependent on location.

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Standard one-bedroom apartments range in price from $550 to $1,400 per month, as reported by Numbeo. This range of prices reflects the effect location has on rental costs, as well as the variety of accommodations available. The use of shared facilities such as pools, doormen and security features also affects costs, and facilities provided as standard also vary across the country.

Costs are highest in densely populated and popular cities such as San Francisco and New York, where even a studio apartment can cost almost $6,000 per month, as of March 2015, according to MNS. This is, of course, for a well-appointed apartment with a doorman in SoHo, but it contrasts sharply with the median rent in Wichita, Kansas, of $623 per month highlighted by CBS News in its roundup of the 10 cheapest U.S. cities for rentals. It is therefore important to check rental prices for a particular location rather than looking at country-wide averages when deciding if a property is a reasonable value.

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