What Should Be on a Security Building Checklist?


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A building security checklist is used to help prevent damage and discourage crime. A building checklist should include categories for visible security, territorial reinforcement, lock-down and access security, and maintenance.

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What Should Be on a Security Building Checklist?
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Criminals like to be anonymous, so they choose situations from which they can escape easily. Therefore, visibility is great for decreasing criminal activity. To increase visible security, make sure that shrubs are cut lower, entrances and exits are well-lit at night, roaming patrols conduct security checks throughout the day, and the facility is surrounded by a fence that is in good condition.

Post signs stating that the property is private. Make sure that the building security checklist addresses clear property lines. Receptionists or greeters should be positioned in such a way that they can easily see everyone who enters the facility.

Plan for access control. Criminals view areas that are easy to enter and exit as low risk, so by limiting access and making sure that visitors stay in a defined area, you make securing the building easier. Make sure that walkways naturally lead visitors to a specific entrance, door hinges are only accessible from the inside, doors always close completely, windows are always locked and monitored, and all building keys are accounted for.

Finally, make sure the building security checklist accounts for a well-maintained property. Otherwise, criminals believe that the owner does not care or does not have control of the property. Checklist items in this category should include removing graffiti, maintaining the landscaping, and making sure that all lighted signs are working.

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