What Should I Say About Myself in a Personal Statement on My CV?


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A personal statement on a CV consists of a brief summarization of professional experiences, employment objectives and skills the individual has to offer the potential employer. This section also serves as an opportunity to explain other initiatives, thus assuring the employer that the applicant fits the specific role applied for.

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To capture and retain a reader's consideration, keep a CV's personal statement to not more than a paragraph that delineates core values in both professional and interpersonal contexts. Emphasize past contributory efforts that made a positive difference while in a previous employment position, communicating these actions as providing a unique skills set directed toward collective goals. Remember to focus upon specific character strengths, and note how these strengths cultivated any individual accomplishments for which credit was or has been awarded by former or current colleagues.

Additionally, a personal statement can reflect future imperatives that ensure commitment toward a prospective employer, as chances of being employed are likely to increase when hiring managers recognize the desire to become a permanent or long-term contributor. Finally, market elementary qualities as an individual capable of adapting to multifaceted work environments through examples of personal development, and emphasize any shared interests with the potential employer.

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