What Should You Say in a Job Interview?


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Potential job candidates should use anecdotes or stories to highlight their professional skills. They should also ask follow-up questions to ensure they are communicating clearly. Referencing a company's website during an interview is also a good idea.

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Statements such as "I recall one particular instance when I solved a critical problem," provide employers with specifics regarding a potential candidate's key strengths or skills. It's best to answer questions with more than a simple yes or no when employers ask about one's ability to solve problems, notes Monster. Take time to find a couple of stories to tell, and practice them before the interview to prepare for this part of the interview process.

Interviewees should also come prepared to ask the interviewer questions about the position and company. Applicants should do their research ahead of time to avoid asking questions that are easily found on the company's website, such as "What is your company's mission statement?" Asking thoughtful questions shows sincere interest in the position.

Potential candidates should use clear, concise, professional speech during an interview. What one says said is just as important as how one says it. Don't use unprofessional jargon or speak negatively about a former employer, as this can negatively impact hiring potential.

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