What Should You Do in Retirement?

Some people dream of leisure activities and relaxation during retirement, but others prefer to remain active through part-time work, volunteering and hobbies. Some people use their newfound freedom to travel or play golf, while others take classes to keep their minds stimulated.

Part-time work is a common option, especially in early retirement, for people who want to make a little extra money or remain productive. In some cases, retirement benefits don't pay as much as the salary a person makes in a career. Working part-time is a way to supplement retirement income. Additionally, retirees often choose to work part-time to engage in a passion or to feel like a productive member of society.

Volunteering is a way for retired people to remain productive, engage in a passion and give back to the community in which they live. Some people volunteer to develop relationships with other people who have a passion for a particular cause. Volunteering allows a retired person to have a positive influence on the direction of his community.

People who work a lot of hours during their careers relish the chance to spend time on hobbies in retirement. Hobbies may include activities such as reading, scrapbooking, writing and knitting.