What Should Be on a Resume for a Physical Therapist?


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A physical therapist's resume should include information in several key areas, including work experience, education and training, skills and credentials, as stated by Monster. Physical therapists who have recently completed relevant activities that relate to their practice may also want to include this information on the document, but on the whole, physical therapists should be judicious with what they choose to include on their resume, aiming to make the entire document fit on a single page. Only relevant experience and information should be included on a physical therapist's resume; work experience and certifications pertaining to other job fields are not relevant.

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While some resumes may include an objective statement, physical therapists may instead decide to include a formal professional title, such as licensed physical therapist, and a description of their area of expertise, such as outpatient therapy, states resume professional Susan Ireland. Writing a concise summary such as this instead of a long, multi-sentence objective statement can help hold the reader's attention and make a strong statement of purpose.

Physical therapists should be careful to describe the work they've done for each job role they list on their resumes. Special experience such as management duties should be described as part of this summary of job tasks.

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