How Should a Release Form Be Written?


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The content and structure of release forms depends on the type, which can either be a blanket release or a limited release. By drafting and signing release statements, individuals consent to have their names or photos used by companies or firms. Regardless of variety, release forms should explicitly list uses of names and photographs and should include terms and conditions as well as the date in which the document was created.

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How Should a Release Form Be Written?
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Blanket release forms are legal documents formed between individuals and companies that permit organizations to use one or more photographs of the individual for certain purposes. Blanket release statements give companies unlimited rights to use images, which may be reproduced and duplicated in different locations. These release forms are typically created by stock photographers and may be created by individuals as well.

Limited releases are other personal release forms that identify certain places or ways where a name or image of a person can be used. These conditions are clearly delineated in the form and give people the right to sue if those uses exceed the conditions stipulated in the contract. Releases should be as concise as possible but still contain all relevant information. They should list all requirements of the release and have an official date and signature of all agreeing parties.

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