How Do You Know If You Should Quit Your Job?


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If you lack inspiration and enthusiasm when completing job tasks or suffer from prolonged work-related stress and anxiety, it may be time to quit your job. Update your resume and arrange a few interviews so you can find a new position before quitting your current job.

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Before quitting your job, consider all the reasons why you should stay and why you should leave. If you don't feel challenged by daily job tasks or if your skills and training aren't recognized or utilized, meet with managers and supervisors to discuss switching departments or moving into a new job role. If you and your co-workers constantly argue and have disagreements that cause setbacks during projects, create an uncomfortable work environment or prevent you from advancing in your career, meet with management to discuss possible solutions. If, after discussing workplace issues with management, you still want to quit, start looking for other positions.

When looking for a new job, review your finances to make sure you have three months' cost of living expenses in savings in case you don't find a new job right away. Try not to resign until you have a new position or solid job leads. Update your resume to reflect all the new skills you learned at your current job.

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