What Should You Put in an Ad to Hire Bricklayers?


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When placing an ad to hire bricklayers, a full job description should be provided, including the tasks involved and the education, training, skills and competency requirements. The working environment should be described as well as the hours required and the possibility for advancement within the company.

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Bricklayers are required to build structures such as fireplaces, patios, walkways, walls and chimneys out of bricks and stone. The use of hammers, masonry saws and chisels is necessary to complete a bricklaying job. Applicants must possess the training necessary to place acid-resistant brick, plastic or concrete linings in boilers, furnaces and kilns. Restoration of brick structures via painting or cleaning is required, as is the installation of firebricks in chimneys and furnaces. Bricklayers must also have the ability to decipher sketches and blueprints.

To become a bricklayer, individuals need a vocational diploma and two years of experience. Knowledge of the correct use of power tools is necessary, and a familiarity with the properties of mortars and bonding materials is helpful. Bricklayers should be able to work with a team or independently and possess problem solving skills.

The typical work environment for a bricklayer is an outdoor setting. While most work as independent contractors, they can also be employed by construction firms, contractors, steel producers or developers. They typically work eight hours a day, but overtime may be required. Upon completing training, bricklayers can advance to become a foreman, inspector or bricklaying estimator.

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