What Should You Do to Protect Your Online Billing Information?


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To protect your online billing information, ensure that any site that requests that information, including your financial institution, is a secure site. These sites have an "https" address bar instead of an "http" address bar and some also offer the option to change to a secure address rather than a non-secure one.

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Another way to keep information safe is to sign completely out of any online accounts that have stored your billing information, especially if any other person uses the computer. Many financial institution websites automatically time out after a particular amount of time of inactivity, but retail sites may not. Disable any active login stored in the computer to keep anyone else from logging in and accessing your personal information. Anytime you move, alert your bank and credit card companies by phone or in writing regarding the change of address.

No matter the reason, never send any billing information, Social Security number or account number in an email or text message. If someone contacts you and requests that information, report the request to your bank or credit card company. If you receive paper copies of statements that display account or card numbers, shred them before throwing them away, or file them in a secure way.

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