How Should You Price Pottery?


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Factors to consider when pricing pottery includes the cost of raw materials and other tasks, such as moving, storing, labor and kiln firing of the product. According to Jeff Zamek in Ceramic Industry Magazine, many potters are not aware of other costs of production that may impact on their profits. Anyone involved in this field understands that the whole process is usually a labor-intensive activity.

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To price pottery wares for sale, it is essential to take into account all the necessary factors, including time, labor, cost of raw materials, cost of production of a piece and other tasks. Making pottery entails the use of different raw materials depending on the product that one needs to make. It is vital to write down all the costs of the materials. Time is another critical factor, although it is usually hard to consider time when pricing pottery. This is because there is no reference on how potters should be paid for their hourly work. Moreover, different potters may use different amount of time to make the same product. Utilities, such as the cost of firing a kiln, are also an important consideration. Quality of the product is also another essential price determinant. Comparing a product to other similar products can help understand its quality.

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