How Should You Price Items You Intend to Offer at a Garage Sale?

How Should You Price Items You Intend to Offer at a Garage Sale?

To price items for a garage sale, follow the one-third rule, do research on the items being offered, prepare to lower prices and consider lot pricing. Displaying prices clearly helps to attract buyers looking for deals.

A good tip for pricing garage sale items is to set prices at one-third of the original price. Although this may not work for everything, it offers a good place to start. The one-third rule of thumb also increases the chances of getting compensated fairly for items.

It is important to do some research on the items being sold before the garage sale begins. Visit garage sales in the area, and note how similar items are priced. Pricing items too high may make people opt for other lower priced garage sales in the same area.

Most garage sales receive the highest traffic and make the most sales early to mid-morning. It may be necessary to lower prices once traffic begins to slow in order to ensure that little is left over at the end of the day. Most experienced bargain hunters prefer morning hours because they are more likely to find good inventory and great deals.

Lastly, consider lot pricing for multiple items of the same kind, such as CDs or books. Bargain hunters usually want to get more for their money, so this kind of pricing can persuade potential buyers and help to move inventory quickly.