How Should You Price Items for a Garage Sale?

Tips for pricing items for a garage sale include using the Garage Sale Pricing Guide to determine prices, avoiding asking customers to make offers and using clear price tags. Pricing items 50 cents higher that you are willing to sell leaves room for haggling.

The Garage Sale Pricing Guide helps to determine the lowest and highest prices for common garage sale items. A good rule of thumb is to choose a middle-range price to increase the chances of making a sale. Items with personal attachment can be priced higher although there is a chance that they may not sell. Other good resources to use for setting prices include eBay listings for similar items and the Salvation Army Value Guide.

Most shoppers want to know the starting price of items before making counter offers. It is important to research the value of collectibles to avoid setting a low price.

Lastly, price every single item individually using painters tape. Keep pricing materials close during the sale in case you want to change the price or forgot to price something. This helps customers to know exactly what the items they are interested in cost and saves both parties time during transactions. Some customers may also be too shy to ask the price, especially if they are interested in multiple items.