Should a Prepaid OneVanilla Visa Card Be Registered Before Use?

A prepaid OneVanilla Visa card is activated by the cashier when purchased and is ready to be used immediately. Some retailers may hold the funds for up to 24 hours after the time of purchase, according to OneVanilla's website. Cardholders are advised to register a zip code to make online shopping or paying at a fuel pump with a OneVanilla card easier, as a zip code is required to complete these types of transactions.

Merchants are not able to determine the balance of a OneVanilla Visa card, so cardholders should keep track of the available balance, reports OneVanilla's website. It is also recommended that cardholders keep receipts from all purchases made with the OneVanilla card. If a cardholder does not have a sufficient balance to cover a purchase, he can opt to split the transaction and pay for part of the purchase with his OneVanilla card and cover the remaining amount with another method of payment.

A OneVanilla card does not provide ATM access, and cardholders cannot use the card to receive cash back at the time of purchase. A prepaid OneVanilla card cannot be used for reoccurring billing, and it is not reloadable, according to the OneVanilla website. A cardholder has the option to select a PIN for the OneVanilla card so that it can be used in debit card transactions.

OneVanilla cards are accepted at any location where Visa debit cards, PULSE debit cards or debit MasterCards are accepted. The card cannot be used outside the United States or with any online or mail order retailers outside the United States, according to OneVanilla's website.