How Should You Personalize a Donation Letter?


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Personalize a donation letter by using the recipient's name, mentioning the recipient's prior donations and using a friendly tone to create a personal connection. Organizations can use information from their donor databases to include the names of past campaigns and specific donation amounts.

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Using the recipient's name is the most important step in personalizing a donation letter. Whenever possible, writers should avoid generic greetings such as "Dear Supporter" or "Dear Donor." The body of the letter can also include a mention of the person's state or city. The heading of a donation letter should always include the recipient's address.

Writers can use a friendly, conversational tone to make the letter sound more like a one-to-one conversation than a business transaction. The letter might also include a short story that makes a personal connection between the recipient and the issue at hand. Demographic information about the recipients can be useful in choosing compelling anecdotes.

When sending letters to past donors, it is important to include details about the recipient's prior contributions. The letter should mention the name of the campaign and thank the donor for the specific dollar amount. A short explanation of the campaign's positive results can create a personal connection and a feeling of goodwill.

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