How Should a Personal Profile Be Written?

Writing a self-profile or personal profile does not follow a strict format, but should include a brief statement summarizing the background and career objectives of the individuals which they are describing. Personal profiles are designed to provide a brief introduction that allows potential employers to get to know candidates and see quickly what kind of experience, skills and training they have.

The purpose of personal profiles is to give organizations a short and attractive summary of what candidates can do for the organization. Personal profiles are introductory paragraphs commonly placed on cover letters. These profiles may include any past achievements, special skills, awards and other notable attributes that identify why applicants are outstanding choices for jobs, and how their past experiences will help the hiring organization. There are no stringent guidelines that personal profiles should follow, but they should contain some basic important information about candidates. Individuals should list their qualifications and credentials, which include all past experiences and expertise that is beneficial for the intended position. Personal profiles may also include a record of noteworthy accomplishments and similar achievements. After providing an overview of the accomplishments candidates have achieved to date, personal profiles should conclude with a short summary of projected accomplishments that candidates hope to achieve by undertaking the job.