What should a person do after losing his or her CNA license?


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If a CNA loses her certified nursing assistant certificate, she should contact her local nurse aide registry. Since license misplacement is a normal occurrence, the agency that issued the license will have a process ready to provide an additional copy. Obtain from that registry a form requesting a copy of your certificate.

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First, obtain contact information for the agency that issued the license. This agency will be specific to the CNA's home state. The certificate copy process begins similarly to moving a license to a different state. According to the National Association of Career Nursing Assistants, that process begins with contacting the local nurse aide registry and requesting the appropriate form.Contact this agency and request a certificate replacement application. Keep in mind that there may be a fee for requesting this copy.

Second, complete the form obtained and submit it by sending it back to the local issuing agency. Sign the form if a signature if requested. If applicable include the necessary payment to receive a copy.

If the CNA is technologically inclined, she may inquire about an electronic version of the copy request form. There may be a website where she can complete the form instantly. An electronic payment option makes the process faster, so she should consider inquiring about that option as well.

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