How Should People Fill in Their Own Job Performance Appraisal Form?

Experts recommend that individuals fill out their own job performance appraisal forms using specific examples of their accomplishments to reinforce their value to the company. However, these experts also stress the importance of avoiding boastful, self-indulgent comments, and instead taking a humble stance to express their accomplishments and how they learned from professional failures throughout the year.

Most self job performance appraisal forms require individuals to rate themselves from 1 to 10 in different sub-categories within their positions. For example, a secretary's appraisal form might include a ratings list that includes punctuality, professional appearance, customer service skills and company dedication. While the secretary wants to paint herself in the best possible light, her ideal answers should show higher marks in some areas than others to demonstrate her willingness to grow in problematic areas.

During the essay portion of the self job performance appraisal form, individuals should back up every claim such as "I am a dedicated worker," with a fact such as "I worked 65 hours per week for 1 month to help the company keep up with the increased holiday production tasks." Statements such as these, if accurate, attest to the individual's accomplishments in such a way that cannot be disputed by the manager or owner of the company.