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The content to include on an order form varies depending on the nature of the business, as a product order form should feature an area to track the type and quantity of items to purchase whereas a service order form needs to include dates and times. In either case, the form needs to contain a section for payment information from the buyer and a delivery address.

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Purchase order forms typically include a large area that allows customers to enter the name of a product, its product number and the total quantity. Depending on the product, order forms may also feature sections for specific details about the product, such as sizes or colors. Some forms require the customer to enter the price per unit and calculate the total cost, though electronic forms often complete this process automatically.

Other types of order forms need to explain the service or feature for which the customer is paying, typically through some form of declarative statement of agreement. If the form covers multiple services, it may offer short descriptions of each option and feature boxes to select the appropriate item.

All order forms need to have an area for the customer to include contact information and payment details, such as a credit card number. Order forms typically feature multiple address sections in the event that the customer's billing address is different from the service or shipping address.

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