Why Should One Study Social Work?


One reason to study social work is the chance it offers to impact people's lives. Social workers interact with individuals, families and organizations within their communities to help improve people's lives.

Getting a social work degree, which includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees, takes about 6 years. People who work in the field of social work usually have a passion for advocacy. They can find work in a number of places including state and private agencies, hospitals, school, nursing homes, the court system, police departments and even in private practice. Some social workers deal strictly with children while others can serve the elderly.

Social workers often connect with other agencies in an effort to aid their clients. For example, they may connect single parents with child care facilities and also offer them support by helping to arrange therapy for their children and linking the families with support groups and other entities to help them improve their situation. In residential settings, social workers are in charge of coordinating and monitoring their client's care. This can include verifying visits from doctors, therapists, and other specialists. Social workers also conduct follow up visits after patients return home from residential settings, and follow up with families to make sure all of their needs are met.