How Should a Nurse Make an Unoccupied Bed?

Making an unoccupied hospital bed is easy. A clean new sheet can be pulled tight so that the sheet can be laid without any wrinkles.

Put on gloves before making the bed, and lay the bed flat and lift it up to a comfortable height. Next, remove all of the sheets and pillow covers and put them in a laundry bag. Place the bottom sheet so that the fold is in the middle of the mattress. Fix the sheet corners to the side of the mattress that is nearest to you.

Once the sheet is flat, make a hospital corner. Lift the top side of the sheet that is hanging at the corner of the mattress, then hold the sheet 12 inches from the mattress at an angle to form a triangle. Pull tightly on the triangle, then place the triangle on top of the bed. Next, using both hands, tuck the part of the sheet that is hanging down at the corner of the bed under the mattress. Repeat on all corners of the bed.

Next, change the pillow cases and fluff the pillows. Since the bed is not occupied, it is not necessary to put on a draw sheet or waterproof pads at this time.