How Should You Name a Pizza Shop?

should-name-pizza-shop Credit: Steve Hix/Somos Images/Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

Naming a pizza parlor is a personal decision, but the names that work the best are memorable or catchy ones. A pizza parlor's name can include the owner's name like "Sam's Pizza," it can describe a feature of the business like "Family Style Pizzeria" or "Hot and Ready Pizza," or it can describe the pizza parlor's location like "Main Street Pizza."

A pizza parlor's name is also its brand, and owners should think carefully about the brand image that they want to project when picking a name. For instance, if an owner wants to attract an upscale crowd, they should choose a name that sounds upscale, but if they want to attract a young, college crowd, they should select a name that reflects that demographic.

Alliteration is a useful tool when naming any business, and to create a pizza parlor name that features alliteration, owners simply have to choose two or more words that begin with the same letter. For instance, "Pete's Pizza Parlor" and "Patty's Perfect Pies" are both names that feature alliteration.

Pizza parlors do not have to have names that are related to pizza. For instance, Chuck E. Cheese and Little Caesars are both great names, and neither of them include the word pizza.